Saturday, September 17, 2016

Indian Land Fall Festival

Molly and Ryan performed with their dance company at the Indian Land Fall Festival. They did a great job, especially considering they had only had 3 weeks of classes before the performance and had to dance on grass!

Nana and Papa drove two hours just to watch them dance, then had to hurry back up to Winston-Salem.  Thank you guys!  You rock!    I am so grateful that we have grandparents close by!

We tried to stay a little while longer to enjoy the rest of the festival, but left a little earlier than planned, when we were reminded once again that Ryan is highly allergic to horses.   Poor guy.

Andrew was here, too.  He just didn't dance or want to ride a horse.  He had a great time hanging out with friends, though! :)


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Andrew's First Fencing Tournament

Andrew competed in his very first fencing tournament this Saturday, after only five lessons.  He did well for a beginner, but understandably did not place.  He was a little frustrated by this, but as his parents, we were impressed by his efforts, hard work, and willingness to try something that he was still so new at in the learning process.   Nana and Papa came down to support him, too!

Friday, September 9, 2016

ILHS Cheer Camp

Molly participated in the Indian Land High School cheer camp for the second year and had a great time cheering her heart out.  It was neon night at the stadium.   The weather was perfect and so was the company. We didn't win the game, but not because of lack of Team Spirit!  Friday Night Lights at its best.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dive-In Movie

We celebrated Labor Day weekend with a Dive-in movie at our neighborhood pool with friends.  We had fun eating ice cream that Hagaan Daas had donated and watching the new live action Jungle Book movie.  It was a fun way to say good-bye to our pool until Memorial Day.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The school year is officially in full swing.  We are back to school, back to extracurriculars, and settling into our new routines.

We started the school year with our traditional optimistic cheerfulness with a side of muffins, milk and fruit for breakfast.

Andrew began middle school this year.  He is taking Pre-AP Math and Pre-AP Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, PE, and Band.  Band is his favorite subject so far, and much to our surprise, he has decided to play the french horn like his Aunt Emily K!!!

Chad made Ryan and Andrew Legend of Zelda lunches for their first day.

Ryan began 4th grade and to quote him, "is having the best year of his whole life!"  He bounds out of bed each morning eager to face a new day.  He comes home bubbling over with enthusiasm about his class, friends, and his beloved teacher.

Molly began 2nd grade and is excited to have a neighborhood BFF in her class.  She likes her new teacher a lot,  but she is really missing her Miss Anglin.  She wishes she could have them both...along with Mrs. Nunn and Mrs. Starkey.  My sweet girl is all about relationships and wants those she loves around her at all times.

We made Molly a kitty cat lunch for our traditional first day fun themed lunch.

This year Andrew is taking piano, participating in Boy Scouts, and is on a fencing team in the community.

Ryan is taking piano, participating in Cub Scouts, and is in the dance company at his dance studio.

Molly is taking piano and is also in the dance company with her big brother.  Together they are taking acro, ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop classes.   It is fun to see them on the same team.  (And really nice for my schedule).