Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ryan's 11th Birthday Interview

Color: Purple
Books: Historical Fiction  
Toys: Nerf Guns 

Best Friends: Kenny, Logan, Bastian, Josiah, Cora, Olive, Corbin, Charlie, Caleb,  Landon, Christian, Jared, Ian, James T, Bella, Maddie, Isabella, and Alyssa  
Video Games: Overwatch 
Games: Family Feud 
Animals: Wolf, seal, birds 
When I grow up I want to be on Broadway, be a professional ballroom dancer and professional ballet dancer in a company, a surgeon, and a physicist 

TV Shows:  Psych
Movies: Xmen Movies 
Foods: Pie, Honey Comb, Cheesy Casseroles
Musicals: Hamilton, the Greatest Showman, and Newsies  
Bible Story: Jesus teaching as a boy 
Hobbies: Dancing and Adventuring 

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